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At “Brow Art”, our beauty experts specialize in traditional eyebrow threading, tinting and fancy eyelash extension artistry. Founded in October 2011, we have an impressive 8 years of experience in brow art industry, making us a reliable brand name.

Every woman fancies a pair of magical brows and our experts understand it brilliantly. We at “Brow Art” are always instrumental in providing you with the best and most suited pair of arches. We use “organica thread” which is organic and is suitable for every skin type with no side effects and infections.

Our team of professional lash stylists specialises in the trendy semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions. We offer full range of lashes in different lengths, thickness, curl shapes & colour shades to suit your natural eyelashes for an appealing impression.

Brow Art and Beauty Salon

About Us

With over 10 years experience in this industry, our qualified & professional beauticians are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service, with each service you receive from us.

Brow Art & Beauty Salon

Branch 1: Brow Art and Beauty Salon
42 Kirkgate, Bradford BD1 1QT, UK
Branch 2: Brow Art
Opposite Primark, Kirkgate Shopping Centre, BD1 1TQ, Bradford
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